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MJM has over the last 30 years or so, created a lot of radio commercials,
for local businesses, and larger national companies.

They have come up with a list of 20 “frequently asked questions”, usually they’ve been asked by our clients.

1. Why Radio? It’s the only medium that goes to the right brain only.
2. Why Right Brain? People make all buying decisions there.
3. Which branding is better? Emotional (audio) is better than Logical (visual).
4. Why engage the imagination? To engage the right brain where people buy.
5. Why is radio better than print? Print is all left brain.
6. Why is radio more cost-effective than TV? Better emotional right brain processing for less money.
To learn more on this topic of right-brain imagination engagement, check out the blog
on how radio impacts buying decisions.http://mjmmedia.com/radio/radiodecisions/

7. Why use customer testimonials? It’s social proof you’re good.
8. What kind of voices do people trust? Friendly, non-professional, natural.
9. What phrase do people remember most? The last spoken phrase.
10. Why should there only be one call-to-action? Two is confusing – pick the most important one.
11. Which product benefits should I mention? Like the Call To Action, only the most important one.
12. Why is memory so important in radio advertising? People are probably NOT in the “moment of need”when they hear the spot.
13. Why is singing better than speaking? The singing in a jingle is 5 times more memorable than the spoken words.
14. What lyrics should be sung in the jingle production? Only what you want remembered.
15. Why should my radio commercial not sound like a radio commercial? So it stands out and ‘surprises the mind’.
16. Why should I try to use great music? It creates emotional buy-in.
17. Why is it important to link radio to my website? Listeners want to find out more about your companybefore they’ll buy.
18. What are the best ways to link radio to my website?Use consistent creative (voice, music, creative approach, etc)
19. Why does radio engage better than print and TV? Radio is totally right brain,print is totally left, and TV is both
20. What examples are there of success exclusive to radio? Pizza Pizza, Sleeman, Firkin Pubs, Playdium

There you have it… lots of good questions, lots of great answers.

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